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Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein - 430.výročí birth Au proof

Czech coins catalogue - Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein - 430.výročí birth Au proof Czech coins catalogue - Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein - 430.výročí birth Au proof

Original name 'Albrecht Václav Eusebius z Valdštejna - 430.výročí narození Au proof'
Gold commemorative medal 1/2 Oz
Designer: ak. soch. Vladimír Oppl
Engraver: MgA. Miroslav Schovanec, DiS.
Minted by: Prague Mint

diameter: 28 mm
weight: 15,56 g
purity: 999,9/1000 Au
edge plain, numbered
limited mintage quality proof: 97 pcs
limited mintage quality unc.: 60 pcs issue day: 2013

Item ID Price
CRM1071 25 950,00 Kč
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CRM1070 25 950,00 Kč
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ID: CRM1071 ... Wallenstein - 430.výročí birth Au proof - same day
ID: CRM1070 ... von Wallenstein - 430.výročí birth Au bk - same day

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(translated thanks google translation service...)

Albrecht von Wallenstein (24. 9. 1583 - 25. 2. 1634) - Czech nobleman, military leader and politician.

Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein was born on the fortress in Heřmanice near Jaroměře. His parents, impoverished squire William of Wallenstein and Markéta Smiřická were followers of learning the Unity of Brethren. In the spirit of this church and educate young Albrecht. Parents, however, soon died and orphan undertook relatives. Those him in 1595 was sent to the Bohemian Brethren school in Kosumberk and then high school in the Silesian Evangelical Goldberg. In 1599, he enrolled at the German Evangelical University of Altdorf near Nuremberg. However, the model student Wallenstein was not. Due to riots and debts had to leave the school and the next two years traveling around Europe. After returning home, he tried on a military career. In 1604 as an ensign troops participated in campaigns of Rudolph II. against the Turks, the mission ended in the rank of captain. Thanks to the convenient marriage with the widow of Lukrecia Landeka got to great wealth, which allowed him to influence the Viennese politics. This will also facilitate the targeted conversion to the Catholic faith.

In the early days Estates uprising Wallenstein was commander of one of three Moravian regiments. In 1619 the Morava abandoned neutrality and joined the side of the rebellion, he decided to risky step: cash stolen estates as part of his army he went to Vienna. Status Wallenstein as a traitor expelled and decided on the confiscation of his property. The warlord, whose career began staggering rise from this, however, they do not have to worry. After the Battle of White Mountain, on the contrary, it was he who began to cheaply buy the confiscated property defeated states. (He joined the consortium that minted money devalued, making it conveniently acquired enormous wealth.)

In 1621 he became commander of the Earth Czech Republic and four years later he was appointed commander in chief of the imperial troops. He built the Duchy of Friedland, which was a kind of private state within a state with its center in Jicin. From its own resources, built a strong mercenary army, he joined the battles of the Thirty Years War and prosperous. Successful business of war, however, was a thorn in Wallenstein German competitors who complained to him by the emperor. Ferdinand II. himself balked general's robust growth, so it appealed. The new commander of the imperial troops Tilly proved to be incompetent, the army under his command suffered several defeats. The emperor therefore in 1632 again called Wallenstein, who immediately threw military initiative in favor of the Catholic party. Sweden and France's most feared adversary sent emissaries to offer Czech throne when run over to the side of the Protestants. The negotiations, however, have been made as Wallenstein, at that time, already seriously ill, was his subordinate commanders February 25 murdered in Cheb.


This minting was designed and engraved by czech artists:

Miroslav Schovanec

Vladimír Oppl

Medal, minted from precious metals in very low numbers are a unique work of art. They represent a unique artifact collector, investment instrument and classy gift.

Are much more attractive than the coins issued in high amounts.

Medals produced in Prague Mint are the work of leading Czech and Slovak artists. Their formation is involved sculptors and painters controlling art low relief.


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UPOZORNĚNÍ: Z důvodu dovolenkového období a nižšího počtu aukčních položek budou další aukce pořádány až v druhé polovině září 2018. Děkujeme za pochopení.

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