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Franz Kafka - the 130th anniversary of the birth of Ag proof

Czech coins catalogue - Franz Kafka - the 130th anniversary of the birth of Ag proof Czech coins catalogue - Franz Kafka - the 130th anniversary of the birth of Ag proof

Original name 'Franz Kafka - 130. výročí narození Ag proof'
Silver commemorative medal 1 Oz
Designer: Majka Wichnerová
Engraver: Tomáš Lamač
Minted by: Prague Mint

diameter: 37 mm
weight: 31,1 g
purity: 999/1000 Ag
edge plain,numbered
limited mintage quality proof: 616 pcs
limited mintage quality antique: 227 pcs issue day: 2013

Item ID Price
CRM1087 1 990,00 Kč
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CRM1086 1 990,00 Kč
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Product availability: Centrála - dostupnost na prodejnách ?
ID: CRM1087 ... anniversary of the birth of Ag proof - same day
ID: CRM1086 ... anniversary of the birth of Ag patina - same day

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ID: CRM1086 Your purchase gives +54,00 ZM


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(translated thanks google translation service...)

Franz Kafka (3. 7. 1883 - 3. 6. 1924) - Franz Kafka (3. 7. 1883 - 3. 6. 1924) - one of the most famous European writers. A native of Prague Jewish origin who wrote in German.

Franz Kafka was born in Old Town in the family of a Jewish merchant Hermann Kafka. In Prague also in the German section of the Charles University (then called the name of Charles-Ferdinand University) studied law and in 1907 he joined the career of an insurance clerk. First, briefly worked at Assicurazioni Generali, then transferred to the Workmen's Accident Insurance. Nevertheless, it was considered a conscientious and reliable employee, thus reaching to the position of Chief Secretary of the Institute, it attracted mainly writing. The first texts he published in 1908 in Munich magazine Hyperion and Almanac Arkadia, which issued Kafka's college friend, and later expositor of his work, Max Brod.

From writing Kafka undeterred by tuberculosis, which he displayed in 1917. A lot of time and continuously spent at the spa and a variety of medical visits. Immediately initially went to visit her sister in the village Öttl width (now part Blšany). Instead of him was very impressed and became probably the inspiration for the unfinished novel The Castle, which is considered his best work.

Kafka's relationship to women and even to life was very complicated, which was also reflected in his relationships. Still, he had several partners and was twice engaged, never married eventually. Often felt unhappy and misunderstood, which was partly due to its high sensitivity. Czech public with Kafka's work met the translator and writer Milena Jesenská that with him, and also with Max Brod, he knew personally.

Franz Kafka died in June 1924 in Kierling at Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria. His remains were deposited in the New Jewish Cemetery in Prague's Zizkov.

In his will he asked that his unpublished work was destroyed. Dora Diamant, with whom he spent the end of life, actually part of his work destroyed, Max Brod, however, did not respect the author's wishes and hitherto unknown work published.


This minting was designed and engraved by czech artists:

Majka Wichnerová

Tomáš Lamač


In the Czech Republic there is no national mint.

Both mint, The Prague mint and Czech Mint which operates in the Czech Republic are equal private enterprises.

Gold Coins - Numismatics is the sole distributor of the seller a full menu of both these Czech mints.


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