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George Šlitr - 90th birth anniversary silver proof

Czech coins catalogue - George Šlitr - 90th birth anniversary silver proof Czech coins catalogue - George Šlitr - 90th birth anniversary silver proof

Original name 'Jiří Šlitr - 90. výročí narození stříbro proof'
Silver commemorative medal 1 Oz
Designer: Jaroslav Bejvl
Engraver: Alžběta Slámová, DiS.
Minted by: Prague Mint

diameter: 37 mm
weight: 31,1 g
purity: 999/1000 Ag
edge plain, numbered
limited mintage quality proof: 282 pcs
limited mintage quality antique: 98 pcs
issue day: February 2014

Item ID Price
CRM1629 1 790,00 Kč
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CRM1628 1 790,00 Kč
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ID: CRM1629 ... - 90th birth anniversary silver proof - same day
ID: CRM1628 ... - 90th birth anniversary silver patina - same day

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(translated thanks google translation service...)

George Šlitr (15. 2. 1924- 26. 12. 1969) - Czech composer, instrumentalist, singer and artist. Co-founder of the theater Semaphore, where he created a memorable pair with a similarly focused Jiri Suchy. As an actor George Šlitr appeared in several films.

George Šlitr was born in Zálesní Lhota, which is part of the Giant Mountains foothill village Studenec in Semilsko. In Rychnově, where the family moved, he co-founded Dixieland group, later known as Czechoslovak Dixieland Jazz Band. Though a trained lawyer, he preferred music and art. Artistic career got a new direction after meeting with Jiri Suchy. The two artists met in 1957, actor Miroslav Horníček. Mark Dry - Šlitr gaining in popularity, which peaked after the founding of the theater semaphore. Copyright pair's works greatly influenced theatrical and musical events in Czechoslovakia: their songs became hits, aroused great interest and films on which they composed together ( It was ten of us , 1963 If Thousand Clarinets , 1965 Crime in a Music Hall , 1968). George Šlitr died of poisoning by coal gas, so that in the studio on Wenceslas Square přitápěl. With him died and one of the young girls who liked to surround. Dry with Šlitr enriched Czech music at a number of songs, many of which popularized. These include hits Yeah, I'm still alive , Klokočí , Yesterday, Sunday was , Oh, the love of heaven , Purpura and others.


This minting was designed and engraved by czech artists:

Alžběta Slámová


How do you perceive medal or coin from a philosophical point of view?

Look, paper burns down, but minted or cast metal medals persist forever. After all, archeologists still find coins that bear witness of past times. There were many people, who had a fixed idea and followed the idea the whole lifetime or people, who achieved something significant. Be it for example Comenius, Hus or the emperor Charles IV., they certainly deserve that their legacy should be recorded or logged into something almost indestructible. From another perspective, it is also an expression of respect for these figures and an appreciation of what they did in their lives.

Josef Uprka


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UPOZORNĚNÍ: Z důvodu dovolenkového období a nižšího počtu aukčních položek budou další aukce pořádány až v druhé polovině září 2018. Děkujeme za pochopení.

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