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2017 - Proof - Svatováclavské dukáty - 1 dukát Ag

Czech coins catalogue - 2017 - Proof - Svatováclavské dukáty - 1 dukát Ag Czech coins catalogue - 2017 - Proof - Svatováclavské dukáty - 1 dukát Ag

Original name '2017 - Proof - Svatováclavské dukáty - 1 dukát Ag'
Fine silver commemorative medal
Designer: ak. soch. Vladimír Oppl
Engraver: Tomáš Lamač / MgA. Miroslav Schovanec, DiS.
Minted by: Prague Mint, a.s.

diameter: 20 mm
weight: 4 g
purity: 999/1000 Ag
edge: plain
limited mintage proof: 500 pcs
limited mintage unc.: 250 pcs
limited mintage antique: 250 pcs
issue day: 2017


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ID: CRM3166 ... - Svatováclavské dukáty - 1 dukát Ag - same day
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Saint Wenceslas on ducats - The legendary Prince Wenceslas became apparently nevyobrazovanější historical figure on the Czech coins, medals but also the sealer. His portrait began to appear regularly already on denars from the time of Prince Jaromir (1004 - 1012. As a rider on horseback began Václav be displayed during the reign of Vladislav II. (1140-1172), later a saint fame spread gold ducats. The equestrian portrait of St. Wenceslas, supplemented text "Saint Wenceslas, perish forbid us and future," moreover also adorn contemporary Czech twenty crowns.

The revival of St. Wenceslaus cult place here soon after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. First Republic Svatováclavské ducats were the first gold coins Czechoslovakia. It was the business of the coin, as well as medals that had defined nominal value. Publication of the first Wenceslaus ducat was met with great interest the Czechoslovak public and only the smallest, jednodukátů, in the years 1923-1939 sold for four hundred thousand. In the period between the years 1929 - 1939 excavation was also extended five more and desetidukáty. These excavation gained popularity throughout the world, and it is no wonder that St. Wenceslas ducats were minted for the purposes of international trade and in 1951 and today are highly valued.

In 1923 Ducat St. Wenceslaus is sold at the market price of 120 crowns and was a popular gift for various occasions. Today the price of these historic coins ranging from 6000 to CZK 9,000, according to the preservation of a year. Rarest can then be obtained only auction auctions.

The tradition of these sovereigns are connected with the current excavation. Jednodukátu artwork produced by Gold Coins - Numismatics created by the sculptor and medalist Vladimír Oppl .


This minting was designed and engraved by czech artists:

Miroslav Schovanec

Vladimír Oppl

Tomáš Lamač


Pages www.Zlate-Mince.cz been selected by the National Library of the Czech Republic as a quality resource that should be preserved for the future and become a part of Czech cultural heritage. It is archived several times a year, and their record is part of the Czech National Bibliography and Library catalog.

From our offer:

UPOZORNĚNÍ: Z důvodu dovolenkového období a nižšího počtu aukčních položek budou další aukce pořádány až v druhé polovině září 2018. Děkujeme za pochopení.

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